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Pole Tent

A tension style tent that is supported by a minimum number of perimeter poles and center poles.  It relies on the tension of the fabric roof for its structural integrity.  Tension tents can withstand winds of 70 MPH. Suitable Applications:  Weddings, Festivals, Company Picnics.  Anywhere that staking is possible and the surface is relatively level.

Frame Tent

A free standing framework of aluminum or steel pipes that support a fabric roof without the use of interior poles.  This self-supporting structure requires an anchoring system of stakes, weights or augers to hold the tent in place. Options:  We also offer multiple styles of sidewall protection to be there just when you need it or ready to fully enclose your event space during colder times of the year.  Suitable uses:  Tents in a confined space such as patio, deck or courtyard, Weddings, Festivals, Company Picnics.  Frame tents are limited to a max width of 50’ wide.

Structure Tent

A fully engineered temporary structure with unobstructed interior space “clear spanning the interior space” with advanced sidewall systems and a straight, clean exterior appearance.  The keder-track installed roof fabric and sidewall provide weather tight covering.  A structure tent provides maximum space and visibility while offering innovative shapes and designs with unlimited length.  Options:  Clear-roof panels, multi-level floors, and glass doors.  Suitable uses:  Virtually unlimited in its application for short and long-term use such as outdoor pool coverings, weddings, exhibit halls, sporting events, large events and industrial warehousing.

Sailcloth Tent

A stake down tent with elegant lines, magical glow, and a poetic look. The sculpted peaks and eaves, with a hint of nautical flare, combine to create an open air event space like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The translucence of the sail cloth fabric richly enhances daytime events with natural warm light, and dramatically glows when lit for evening gatherings. Suitable uses: The Tidewater sailcloth tent fabric is waterproof and built strong to help assure the most important day of your life is not affected by the elements. These tents are built from a lightweight sailcloth material which allows for some light to get through.

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